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Leighton's of West Paris

Leighton's of West Paris

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About Us

Leighton’s of West Paris is a dream come true for our rock loving family. Prior to opening up the shop in West Paris, we were the former owner of Leighton Jewelry and Design, now known as Downeast Jewelers located in Machias, Maine; where we specialized in jewelry design. We have been doing jewelry for the last 16 years and have been gem and mineral dealers for the last 8 years. Before our store in Machias, we had a small shop in Boothbay Harbor called “Harbor Stones.” We are a knowledgeable family business that loves to give as much information about our jewelry and minerals as possible. We opened in May 2021 as a soft opening and have been adding to our inventory and mini-museum room ever since. Our museum room has an incredible fluorescent display that both adults and kids love seeing. Our inventory has minerals from all around the world, tons of Maine tourmaline, and stunning jewelry. In warmer seasons we also offer a kids' pile to do a quick dig from.



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