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West Coast Maine Magazine


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About Us

Maine's West Coast has a diverse beauty and culture that resides, first and foremost, in the hearts of those who call this home. We have many beliefs and backgrounds, but embrace a common set of values. We have a deep respect for the land on which we tread, and accept that we are stewards and guardians of that land. We know our history and appreciate the struggles of those who have gone before us, and impart the best of what we have learned to our children. We work and play hard in everything that we do, and don't give up until the job is done, or the finish line is crossed. At the end of the day, we've made our decisions based on what will do the greatest good.

Within our magazine you'll find just a snapshot of what West Coast Maine has to offer, sort of a view across the water's surface. Other discoveries lie just beneath the glassy top, beyond our pages, and are there just for the asking. Talk to our shop owners, innkeepers, and restaurateurs. Visit our local information centers and Chambers of Commerce. At every turn, you'll see West Coast Maine's smiling faces with a gracious willingness to help, and uncover a wealth of knowledge.

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