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Hiking in Maine: Enjoy a ski-and-stay adventure in western Maine - by Carey Kish

To get away from it all – but not too far – with an off-the-grid camping and skiing trip, check in with the folks at Carter's XC Ski Center in Bethel.

Just 10 minutes down the trail through the woods, shuffling along on skis with an overloaded orange sled in tow, I arrive at a russet-colored frame cabin. With a big smile and a warm heart I read the words on the side of the structure: Camp Fern. It feels like home already, and good thing too, because this is where I’ll be hunkering down for the next two glorious nights.


Camp Fern is one of three off-the-grid cabins available at Carter’s XC Center in Bethel. Carey Kish photo

Situated on the western slopes of Farwell Mountain, Camp Fern is one of three off-the-grid cabins available for overnight stays at Carter’s XC Ski Center in the Middle Intervale neighborhood of Bethel, several miles north of the village. The cabins may each be just a short trip from the trailhead, but the remote feeling is palpable.

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