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Take the 2021 Moving Forward Business Survey by Dec 23

Take the 2021 Moving Forward Business Survey by Dec 23

The 2021 Moving Forward Business Survey
The Maine Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (MACCE), in partnership with the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and the Maine Tourism Association (MTA), have created the following survey for Maine business leaders: the 2021 Moving Forward Business Survey.  
The goal of this survey is to capture the thoughts, concerns and ideas from our small, medium ,and large businesses in Maine, in order to get a full picture view at where things stand heading into a new year. This survey will give critical insights into the state of business in Maine as it currently stands, and should also capture a collective outlook for what is needed to help our businesses succeed, and how you think we can get there. 

The timing and intent of this survey is to produce a full report in the early weeks of January that we can share with the incoming State Legislature to say, "this is what the businesses of Maine are saying they need right now." It will be an essential tool for our organizations to use in the coming months as policies are being created to solve our biggest business needs.  
With that, this survey will take 22-28 minutes to complete the 30 questions and 6 identifying questions. While this sounds like a long commitment, the future of Maine business is critical to all of us. 
The survey will close on December 23 at 5PM. At the end of the survey, you may leave your e-mail address if you want to receive the final report. 
If we receive a statistically-significant amount of responses in specific industries or from specific regions of the state, we should be able to drill down even further into those sub-groups to get even more valuable data. Should this happen we would then share the result with county and municipal leaders to make even more lasting change. With that being said we encourage you to share this survey with your industry colleagues, and other businesses in your region.          
Take the Survey Here!

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